Last year's Natick bunnies

Each year, we have live bunnies in the studio for Easter portraits.
This year’s bunch were just born!

Pictures with bunnies are offered during the few weeks leading into Easter.
We usually get them a little early so they can become acclimated to the
studio. The photographers gently hold them and talk to them, building their
comfort level with human interaction. We hire “bunny wranglers” to be in
charge of taking them out of their cage and incorporating them into your
portrait session. First, we keep them in a pretty Easter basket to let your
child get used to the idea, and take a few portraits that way.

Next, depending on the age of your child and their reaction, the wrangler may take the bunny out of the basket for a few shots. The fun part is keeping the bunny and the child in one spot!

Finally, if our model and bunny seem to be getting along really well, we’ll try a few interactive poses:

Our bunnies are extremely popular, so appointments fill up quickly. Remember, it’s never too early to call and book yours!