Every few weeks, we have a company-wide themed photo contest to keep
our photographers motivated. Last week, the theme was BLOCKS. Each
photographer had to submit 3 images from that week in which they used
one of our most popular props: building blocks. The judging was based on
quality, creativity, and level of difficulty. Check out the winning images..

birthday blocks!sassy blocks!manly blocks!

(That last one is JP, one of our heroic printer technicians.)

The winning photographer was Yajaira (“Jay”) Gabin from the Natick studio. Jay is the longest-running employee of Portrait Simple. She’s been here for over 5 years–since the company’s Grand Opening in October 2003! Upon entering the studio, you’ll know immediately if Jay is on the clock–just follow the squeaks, silly songs, tickle attack calls (resembling the sound a torpedo might make), and irrepressible laughter. Jay has two daughters of her own: Ashley and Arianna, ages 9 and 2.5.