For any new mothers out there this year, celebrate both the birth of your new family member and this amazing step into motherhood with baby photos at Portrait Simple. The celebration of this new life and your new life as a mother should be captured with moments that can be kept for years and years. At our portrait studio, we specialize in baby photos that are unique and special to you and your family. We invite you to come and create moments with your new family for Mother’s Day this year. Here’s why spending an hour with our newborn photographers can be a great way to spend this special occasion.

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Create a Tradition

First-time mothers and their babies will have plenty of opportunities to create meaningful traditions. This year, start one that will encourage a growing relationship between mother and baby. The beautiful relationship between mother and baby allows for photographs that are delicate, personal, and tender. With newborn pictures, there are endless possibilities for poses that show how little and precious your baby is, both in how small babies are and how precious they are to you. Loving expressions can be captured that show the wonder and amazement in a mother’s eyes. A close-up of your baby’s hands in yours, cradling your baby’s feet in your hands, or your faces snuggling up against one another in an embrace, each photograph will show the beginning of this new relationship. The tradition comes in when year after year, you take photographs with each other that show the ever-evolving relationship between mother and baby.

newborn photographySee the Changes

What is so beautiful about professional baby photos is the chance to see the differences in appearance from month to month or year to year. This first Mother’s Day with your new baby, capture the beauty and stillness of your baby at this age. Newborns grow so quickly and the days when they are still new will pass you by sooner than you ever thought. Capture each phase with baby photos that you can enjoy each Mother’s Day.

Photographs Show History

Photographs may not be used in the same way as they were a few decades ago, when they were printed out and put in photo albums, but pictures still have the same effect. As years go by, when your new baby is a year old, five years old, 15 years old, this history can be seen in the photographs you take with your baby and new family. For now, you can focus on how beautiful your new baby is. In 10 years, you can look back to the newborn baby photos that you took this Mother’s Day.

Make your first Mother’s Day special and start a tradition with baby photos at our portrait studio. Professional baby photos are like no other in that they create warm-hearted scenes that show just how precious your baby is. Capture these moments and this tender new age of your baby that you can cherish for years. Call today to schedule an appointment for Mother’s Day baby photos.