The first year of a baby’s life is possibly when the most pictures are taken. When they’re sleeping, trying to snag a quick smile, even when they’re crying, we all have our cameras and phones ready so we don’t miss those precious moments. Parents want to hold onto those memories forever. However, nothing compares to professional baby photos and the images that a newborn photographer can capture. When you schedule an appointment with Portrait Simple, we work to create that perfect scene, incorporate the right props that will enhance the moment and give you a photograph that you will admire for years. Here are some things to keep in mind when you bring in your little one for his or her baby photos.

newborn photographer

Bring In Your Own Personal Props

Our portrait studio does supply a variety of props, blankets, and teddy bears to use in the photos, but to create a scene that is both beautiful and personal to you, feel free to bring in your favorite blankets, hats, or anything that has special meaning to you. Don’t be afraid to have fun with the props, either! Baby photos using baskets, little trucks, or vintage suitcases can take a special photograph and turn it into something unique and one-of-a-kind.

Consider the Timing

Newborn photography has an advantage and can deliver the most amazing photographs because young babies are typically sleeping a majority of the time. This allows our photographers to move the baby around and create poses that can become more difficult as the baby grows. Babies that are younger than one month is a perfect time to newborn pictures. Consider also the time of your appointment. Your baby will be more comfortable after they have just eaten and have a fresh diaper.

Get a Variety of Poses

Baby PhotosOur baby photographers will try to get several poses of your baby so you can have more than enough images to choose from. To see every angle of your little one, we’ll start with more simple, basic poses. These can include:

  • Back poses to get a clear view of your baby’s precious face.
  • Side poses that can show unique angles of your baby.
  • Tummy poses where your baby’s head will be gently rest on his or her arms.

Within each of these poses, we will capture close-ups, full-length photos, as well as close-ups of your baby’s feet, hands, and the small details that show how precious and little your baby is. It can be surprising just how many unique photos can be taken even from one single pose.

Safety First

As with any photo shoot, our number one priority is the safety and comfort of your baby. When creating more unique poses, it is essential that props are firmly on the ground. A popular pose is when the baby has on just a diaper. In these situations we want to keep your baby warm and comfortable. We will keep your baby happy, safe, and comfortable with the best of our abilities.

When baby photos are done correctly, they can provide beautiful images that truly capture the essence of your baby. Whether they are sleeping peacefully or awake and playful, our portrait studio is here to give you images that you can have for a lifetime. Bring in your favorite prop or a special blanket and our newborn photographers will create scenes that are unique to you and your baby. We will also create several poses that show the features of your baby so you can admire how precious they were at that age. Call us today to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions.