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Do you allow pets in sessions?

We do offer pet photography sessions. As a courtesy to all of our clients, we book
pet sessions either as the first or last appointment of the day.

Do you offer makeup or hairstyling?

No. If you would like to have makeup or hair done for your family pictures, please make
other arrangements beforehand.

Can I bring in props of my own?

Absolutely! In fact, we strongly suggest bringing in any special items
that are unique to your family’s personality.

How many changes of outfits can I bring for our family pictures?

We recommend 2-3 changes depending on the moods of the subjects.
Start in your favorite outfit just in case we don’t have time in our
30-minute session to do a change. If you are bringing in a baby, we also
recommend bringing in a diaper cover.

Do you do passports?

Yes. We offer American and Canadian passports.
(However, we do not provide Canadian citizenship photos).

Is it safe to put my family’s and child’s images online?

All of our galleries are password protected to ensure the utmost safety
and anonymity of our clients.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! Please click here.

Where can I get information about your pricing?

To receive more detailed pricing information, please contact customer
service or call your local photo studio.


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