Dads don’t always have the most high-priority role in pregnancy except for late night craving runs and foot massages — all of which are much appreciated. But how do you really get the dad involved in this beautiful and life-changing process? Thinking of tasks just to make them feel like they are contributing but aren’t all that necessary is nice, but we can do better than that. Here are some tips to get the father involved and help him truly feel that he is an integral part in the journey as well as tips on how to get dad into your maternity pictures!

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Go to Appointments

Being a regular at OB appointments, ultrasounds, and sonogram visits is great so that the dad can experience the baby’s changes throughout the months along with mom. Dads should be there for the first appointments where you can listen to the heartbeat for the first time or when the gender is revealed. Sharing in these special moments are ways in which dad can bond with the baby too. And don’t just think dad will only be there to listen to the doctor’s instructions or other woman stuff, there is a vaccine called Tdap that is recommended for anyone in the household who will be near the baby. The vaccine protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough.

Do Some Heavy Lifting

As mom’s belly gets bigger, she would have to have Go-Go Gadget arms to reach laundry baskets or dishes in the kitchen and it becomes more and more difficult to do things around the house. Dad may have to step up to the plate and make dinner, help get other children ready in the morning, put together the crib, clean the garage, or clean up in the yard. Don’t be afraid to ask dad for help!

Maternity PicturesGet Physical

The stress and emotions of pregnancy can be one of the most difficult things to cope with, so hold mom’s hand while watching TV, offer foot or back rubs, and get close to mom’s stomach and try to feel the baby kicking. This alien feeling is felt by mom many times throughout the pregnancy, so press your hand onto her stomach and feel the baby move around so you can get to know your baby’s movements.

Bring Him to the Maternity Pictures Session

Photographers love it when dad is involved in the photo shoot because it adds variety to the images.

  • The combination of belly, mom’s smoother hands, and dad’s bigger hands make great up close photos when you interlace your fingers.
  • A father cuddling up with mom-to-be’s stomach is a classic maternity photograph because it reveals a tender and beautiful moment shared between dad and baby. Have dad kiss your stomach or press his ear to your belly as if listening to the baby.
  • A photograph of a beautiful couple embracing and looking down at their baby is another classic. This one post can result in a variety of pictures as well. Have dad give mom a big kiss on the cheek while she’s looking at the camera, both of you with big smiles looking at the camera, or both of you looking down, this pose is fun, playful, and includes mom and dad.

Dad’s role doesn’t always have to be sitting on the sidelines during pregnancy. With a little direction, the father can feel a bond with the baby, be a rock for mom to rely on, and you can have a fun and memorable maternity pictures session. Give Portrait Simple a call today to schedule your appointment.