You’ve been pregnant for only a few months and already you’re beginning to notice forgetfulness, you’re definitely tired, and every sad movie, picture, or commercial leaves you balling. Learning to adjust to your pregnancy and motherhood may take some time, and studies have shown that “pregnancy brain” can take up to 20 weeks to run through its course. At Portrait Simple, we want to help you out with more than maternity pictures. We’re here to help you get through the frustrating and emotional pregnancy fog.

Maternity Pictures

  1. Write it down. Having trouble remembering things, ideas, or to-do tasks? Keep a pad of Post-It notes and a pen in each room so when you need to come back to remember the details, you’ll have it on hand. Post it somewhere obvious like walls or the bathroom mirror in case you forget all-together.
  2. Let it go. Tasks may pile up quickly when you’re pregnant and finishing a baby’s room, planning hospital appointments, scheduling maternity photos, and still needing to do house cleaning, work, and if you already have children, manage their schedules. If you have items that you can’t get to, it’s okay to ask for help or move it to another day! You’re going to need your energy and focus when the baby finally comes!
  3. Maternity PicturesSupplement. Memory supplements like Gingko Biloba aren’t safe for pregnancy, so if you still want to provide your body with additional supplements, consider different baby-safe options. Choline, which will help with memory, can be found in health foods like spinach and pasta. For brain development and functioning, add some omega-3s to your diet with fish oils.
  4. Rest. Being exhausted quickly becomes the norm when pregnant, so take advantage of being able to call it a night at seven or eight o’clock while you can. Toward the end of your pregnancy, midnight trips to the bathroom will become more frequent and finding a comfortable position to sleep in might sound impossible. So if taking a nap right when you get home from work or during your lunch hour sounds like heaven, go for it!

Indulge In A Spa Day

There are many things that you will miss out on while pregnant, but getting a massage doesn’t have to be one of them. Days of self-indulgence may be few and far between when the baby comes, so take some extra time for yourself.

While you’re at it, plan a whole day just for yourself. Sleep in that morning, get a massage in the afternoon and schedule an appointment for pregnancy pictures at Portrait Simple after that. Our photographers will take control of your session so you don’t need to make any decisions or worry about what tasks you need to complete. All you need to do is show up and show off your beautiful curves and baby bump. During your maternity pictures, feel free to let loose, have fun, laugh about not remembering to put deodorant on that morning, and think about how much joy, love, and laughter is sure to come.

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