Planning what to wear for your maternity pictures may be more exciting than taking the actual pictures for some. Others have poses planned ahead that will accentuate your belly and show how creative a parent you will be even before the baby is born! While your photographer will have more than enough poses to try out for your session, here are some ideas to play around with after you make an appointment.

Maternity Pictures

Use Your Hands

After you choose which outfits you’ll be wearing, your hands and the outfit can help frame your body. Place one hand on top and one on the bottom, place both hands on top or on the bottom, use your hands to create a heart, or get Dad involved and have two sets of hands in the picture, the use of hands can create a focal point. Your photographer will snap a variety of angles that will include close ups of your belly and hands, and whole body images to show off your mom-to-be smile.

What’s in Focus?

Playing with focus adds a unique element to standard maternity pictures. Your stomach doesn’t always have to be the point of focus, either. Try having mom stand in front out of focus with a sibling, spouse, or a pile of teddy bears in the background in focus, or try dad in the forefront in focus and mom is out of focus in the background, any combination of in and out of focus will help create a narrative for the photograph.

From Below

Maternity PicturesThis pose may not be for everyone; we understand that having a big belly doesn’t always make you feel the most attractive. But if you’re feeling up to it, the ‘from below’ pose can result in a unique and beautiful moment. Standing up tall, your photographer will look up and your beautiful face will be poking out from behind your stomach. Focusing in on your belly button or a manicure that you indulged in, your bump you worked so hard to grow and all of the wonders inside will be the highlight of this photograph.

Looking at Your Belly

This is a classic, tender, and must-have maternity picture. Take a moment to ponder your relationship with your new baby as you look down with love and care, and you will surely have an image that becomes a family favorite. These photographs are a wonderful opportunity to use black and white or sepia tones, enhancing the moment.

Include the Whole Family

Is this your second baby? Third? Including the siblings, father, or even the grandparents is a great way to make sure no one is left out. Generational photos are an especially beautiful way to show your family’s history and love for one another. And what younger brother or sister doesn’t love kissing, touching, or listening to their mother’s stomach?

Use Props

Keep it simple and the use of props can add a depth to your photos. Spell out the baby’s name with blocks and line them up on top of your stomach and you’ll have a perfect Facebook featured image and accent for your mantle. Do you have a favorite kids’ book? A pair of booties that have been in the family? Bring them along and have fun with them for a playful and adorable photo.

Keep an open mind and embrace your baby bump for a unique and memorable experience. When you want to capture the mystery and excitement of having a baby, schedule an appointment for maternity pictures with Portrait Simple.