When your belly begins to show and the excitement of meeting the newest member of your family grows stronger and stronger, there’s a lot soon-to-be new parents will be thinking and worrying about. But there’s one thing that you shouldn’t have to put too much energy towards. And that’s deciding what to wear for your maternity pictures. Among all of the things that you’ll worry about for the next stage of your life, you should be able to think back to a time when you were so indescribably excited about meeting your child. Not wishing you wore something different in your photo shoot. Portrait Simple is here to help. Here are some suggestions on what to wear so you can show off your belly and see the excitement in your eyes.

Maxi Dress

Elegant, simple, but beautiful and more importantly, comfortable, the maxi dress is an easy choice to make. When deciding on an outfit, an important consideration is how long the photo shoot will be, will you be sitting, standing, or walking, and how comfortable you feel in an outfit. This is a much-appreciated bonus for the maxi dress.

pregnancy pictures

A Belt

Accessories can sometimes be in the way and take attention from your belly in pregnancy photos. But a belt is the perfect compromise. Whatever you choose to wear, a t-shirt and jeans, a loose and flowy dress, or a form fitted top, a belt will accentuate your belly and help gather any loose clothing. The belt should be thin, pop slightly from the rest of the outfit, and not have too many embellishments. Wear the belt right at the top of where your belly starts, just beneath the bust line.

Solid Colors

When you want the focus of the shoot to be your belly, solid colors will help bring the bump into focus. It might seem like a boring option, so if you want to add some excitement to the clothing, ask your husband to wear a striped shirt or a colorful tie. For solo pictures, add some simple accessories or a scarf to add some flare. But keep in mind that you don’t want the accessories to overpower your belly!

Maternity PicturesTight Clothing

If you really want to show off your pregnancy curves, a tight dress or shirt and pants will do just that. When trying on clothes, though, remember that it should be comfortable and not restrict your movements. The exciting thing about wearing tight clothing is the ability to show the viewer how proud you are of your curves and the little human growing inside.


Remember that styles change. If only people realized that when choosing prom dresses in the 80s. So when choosing an outfit, think about whether your options seem to be just fads that are popular at the time. It may help to keep it simple and remember that jeans and a cute top will always be in style and look great as well.

Can’t Choose?

You can bring multiple outfits to your session. Maternity pictures will be around for years, so don’t feel forced into only having one outfit. You can keep it simple with jeans and a top for a few pictures and change into a more formal ensemble if you want to switch things up.

Portrait Simple can’t wait to snap some amazing pictures of you and your belly. Call us today to schedule your maternity photo shoot.