1. How Dad Can be Involved in the Pregnancy

    Dads don’t always have the most high-priority role in pregnancy except for late night craving runs and foot massages — all of which are much appreciated. But how do you really get the dad involved in this beautiful and life-changing process? Thinking of tasks just to make them feel like they are…Read More

  2. Our Favorite Maternity Poses

    Planning what to wear for your maternity pictures may be more exciting than taking the actual pictures for some. Others have poses planned ahead that will accentuate your belly and show how creative a parent you will be even before the baby is born! While your photographer will have more than enough…Read More

  3. How to Overcome Pregnancy Brain

    You’ve been pregnant for only a few months and already you’re beginning to notice forgetfulness, you’re definitely tired, and every sad movie, picture, or commercial leaves you balling. Learning to adjust to your pregnancy and motherhood may take some time, and studies have shown that “pregn…Read More

  4. Follow These Tips for The Best Baby Photos

    The first year of a baby’s life is possibly when the most pictures are taken. When they’re sleeping, trying to snag a quick smile, even when they’re crying, we all have our cameras and phones ready so we don’t miss those precious moments. Parents want to hold onto those memories forever. How…Read More