This time of year, girls tend to soak up the spotlight with their flowers, tutus, and spring dresses. I wanted to give a shout-out to the fashionable BOYS of Portrait Simple, and their latest trend: the fedora!

This spring seems to be all about hats for little boys. We’re seeing fewer newsboy caps and a lot more straw hats, fedora-style.

Looks like everyone’s ready for the sun!

This little boy is all decked out for summer and SO hip! Hat & overalls can be found at Old Navy.

What a little heartbreaker! The bouquet was provided by Portrait Simple. The straw fedora with a thinner band can be found over at JCrew.

Want something funkier? Head over to H&M and grab some houndstooth fedoras for your rockstar. Add a pair of studded suspenders from Claire’s to complete the look!

BabyGap is doing it too, of course!

Too casual? Try something snazzier!

Not funky? Get folky with another straw hat by (you guessed it!) Gymboree.

Who do you think is more fun to dress: little girls or little boys?