So much is going on! Our holiday season has officially begun with our September card sale, Smile for a Cure voting is just around the bend, we’re re-opening our Warwick studio, and we’re getting our new Emerald Square studio ready for its first holiday season.

With all that good stuff in the works, I’m getting ready to start blogging again, and realizing we need to stay in touch more! So in addition to all that, I’m starting a new tradition inspired by the little boy who visited our Rockingham Park studio this week. Introducing the first “Shoot of the Week”:

The boy’s parents had the idea of bringing in the guitar; they must have known he was a natural born star.

Wouldn’t “Risky Business” be adorable for Halloween? Speaking of which, it’s a great idea to bring in your costumes and include a few shots in your October portrait sessions. We offer these cute little Halloween cards, printed immediately, for $9.95 per set. I can’t wait to see the costumes this year!

Lots more to come, so stay tuned.