The time for holiday portraits is here! As our phones ring more and more for holiday appointments, one of the most common questions we get on a daily basis is: “what should my kids wear?” Last year we decided to offer an online guide to holiday portrait wardrobe selection. This year, I added to those looks and updated the existing ones, creating an “idea board” for each style, and following up with examples of how our real clients executed those outfits in the past few weeks. So, here you have it– 11 different looks for this year’s holiday portraits. There’s something for everyone and I hope you find it useful in putting together the look that best suits your family. Enjoy!
1. Cute N’ Casual
Comfortable is always in. Some Moms have the philosophy that if it’s not the kind of thing worn every day, you don’t need to include a dressy outfit in your family memories.

Above: (a) baby raccoon outfit from Gymboree, (b) oxford shirt dress from Janie and Jack, (c) “think sweet thoughts” from Gymboree, (d) “petite chic” set from Carter’s, (e) lumberjack outfit from Carter’s
How our members are doing it…

Get the look: women’s cable knit cowlneck top, man’s plaid shirt, and girl’s cardigan from Macy’s; boy’s plaid flannel from Gymboree

Get the look: layered tops from Catimini

Get the look: Striped maternity top from Motherhood, thermal pullover hoodie by Ralph Lauren

Get the look: boys striped shirt from The Children’s Place, boys black corduroy pants and baby girl gray jumper from Janie and Jack
2. Perfectly Preppy
These “preppy” looks are portrait staples! Simple and clean, they are easy to match, and add a touch of formal.

Above: (a) “check him out” set from The Children’s place, (b) stripe whirl dress from Crewcuts, (c) sweater vest set from Saks Fifth Ave, (d) button tab bubble jumper from Janie and Jack, “velvet girl” outfit from The Children’s Place, (f) tweed girl’s set from Janie and Jack, (g) rugby shirt and jeans from Carter’s
How our members are doing it..

Above: baby oxford shirt by Ralph Lauren, pull-on denim cargo pants from Crazy 8

Get the look: black cardigan from American Apparel, ruffled blouse from Macy’s, metallic leather flats from Zappos

Get the look: Argyle vest and plaid shirt from Dillard’s
3. Santa Baby
If you celebrate Christmas, the holiday season makes you think of Santa. And when you have small children, or a baby especially, you still have 100% control over their wardrobe–they won’t protest because they still don’t know any better. So during this opportune time, there are no limits when it comes to a themed wardrobe! Here are several ways to involve a little Santa magic in your baby portraits.

Above: (a) Santa dress from Target, (b) “I ♥ Santa” bodysuit from Carter’s, (c) personalized snowman long johns from Red Envelope, (d) red ribbon tutu from Gymboree, boy’s santa suit from Target
How our members are doing it..

Get the look: “Santa’s favorite” onesie from Target

Get the look: Faux fur velour dress, striped leggings, and ruffled red socks from Gymboree; striped santa hat from Oriental Trading

Get the look: Bonnie Jean Santa dresses from Macy’s (red Santa hats available in the studios)

Get the look: Penguin apparel from Crazy 8

Get the look: personalized baby long johns from Personal Creations
4. Pajama Party
The ultimate combination of cute and comfort, this “Christmas morning” theme is sure to be a big hit with the little ones!

Above: (a) Santa’s helper Gymmies from Gymboree, (b)gingerbred Gymmies from Gymboree, (c) bear sleep set from Gap, (d) Christmas sleep & play from Carter’s, (e) smocked plaid pajama set from Janie and Jack, (f) snowman pajama set from Janie and Jack, (g) fair isle fleece one-piece from Gap, graphic fleece sleeper from Old Navy
How our members are doing it…

Get the look: striped long johns from Hannah Andersson

Get the look: personalized pajamas from Red Envelope

Get the look: Santa sleeper from Old Navy

Get the look: Plaid pajama set from Lord & Taylor

Get the look: girls and boys pajama sets from Old Navy
5. Autumn Adventure
Maybe you’re looking for a hint of whimsy, a wink of weather, or you want layered looks that you can use again in the spring. Here they are! This is a great way to mix girls and boys looks that go together but aren’t identical.

Above: (a) flight school and (b) “go furry” from the Gap, (c) utility parka from the Children’s Place, (d) “fly boy”, (d) “ice princess”, and (e) bear one-piece all from–you guessed it–the Gap!
How our members are doing it…

Get the look: faux fur sweater hoodie from Gymboree

Get the look: girl’s cherokee dalysha boots and boy’s suede moccassins from Target

Get the look: flannel shirt and puffer vest from Gymboree, converse sneakers from (earflap hat available for use in the studio)
6. Rosy Cheeks
We’re getting warmer! If you’re all-out ready for a white Christmas, here are some looks that are cute, cozy, and warm.

Above: (a) “cuddle up” set from the Gap, (b) “winter cabin” set , (c) pom pom sweater jumper, (d) “wild & cozy” set, (e) “snow ready” set, and (f) candy ear muffs from Gymboree; (g) dog hat from the Children’s Place, (h) fuzzy rainbow slipper boots from Carter’s, and (i) pom pom boots from Gymboree
How our members are doing it..

Get the look: hooded puffer vest by Gymboree, thermal graphic top from the Children’s Place, polka dot hat from Gymboree

Get the look: faux fur hooded vest and fur boots from Gymboree

Get the look: puffer vest from Gymboree and orange hoodie from Old Navy

Get the look: cableknit sweaters from the Gap
7. Hip Holiday
Were your kids the first among their friends to sport silly bandz? Do they go to school in jeggings? Do they Skype regularly? Do they play Angry Birds in between Skypes? If your answer was “yes” to any of these questions, this is what they might want to wear for their holiday portraits. Then again, they might not. These are the “coolest” looks we could find (but we wouldn’t take the risk of calling them that in the company of your kids).

Above: (a) “fancy free” outfit from the Gap, (b) “rollin’ in style” set from Crazy 8, (c) “knitty pretty” outfit from the Children’s Place, (d) blue puffer outfit from Crazy 8, (e) “passing notes” from the Gap, (f) “prepped for fun” from Crazy 8
How our members are doing it…

Get the look: sweater dress and fringe boots from Hanna Andersson

Get the look: Gray cardigan from Brooks Brothers, striped shirt from Nordstrom

Get the look: furry vest and courtyard tile dress from the Tea Collection, floral tights from Hanna Andersson.. or, try this tunic and legging set from Neiman Marcus

Get the look: faux fur trapper hat from the Gap, twill print cap from Crazy 8
8. Rock & Revelry
Does your bedtime lullaby repertoire include “Dream On” or “Sweet Child of Mine,”? Was your family KISS for Halloween? If so, you might be more inclined to go bold and wear a funkier look. Don’t be afraid to let the “true colors” of your family shine. The holidays can rock too!

Above: (a) boys’ party outfit from H&M, (b) leopard jacket and matching items from the Children’s Place, (c) “sequins are a hoot!” outfit from the Gap, (d) Skull crew sweater from the Gap, (e) skull socks from Babylegs, (f) panda tutu set from Target, (g) rainbow leg warmers from Babylegs
How are members are doing it..

Get the look: “moo” tutu and cowprint headband from Etsy, cow onesie from Awesome Graphics, Red Converse Chucks from Dillards

Get the look: star top and tulle skirt from the Gap, Converse all-stars from Zappos

Get the look: sock monkey hat from Amazon, skull graphic tee from Old Navy

Get the look: Skull sweater from the Gap

Get the look: bubble knit striped dress from Janie and Jack
9. Winter Ball 1921
Finally, we’re into the classic formal styles. There’s a reason these looks have been around for almost a century.

Above: (a) toddler boys’ 4 piece set from Target, (b) “finely plaid” wool blazer suit and (c) brocade bubble dress from Janie and Jack, (d) drop waist sweater dress from the Children’s Place, (e) pink tulle dress from Crewcuts
How our members are doing it…

Get the look: glitter tutu dress from Khol’s, black newsboy cap from Little Lids

Get the look: chiffon ruffle dress from Old Navy, metallic bow shoes from Janie and Jack, plaid duppiono dress from Gymboree, bucket hat from Janie and Jack

Get the look: Tiered ruffle dress from the Gap

Get the look: Fluttered tiered dress from the Gap
10. Winter Ball 1941
As we travel in time, we come to this glamorous era that is now coming back in style. These looks will make cousins, aunts, and grandmothers alike swoon.

Above: (a) peggy and (b) joliette dresses from Crewcuts, (c) boys black suit from Target, (d) “A+ look” from the Children’s Place, (e) rose dot dress from Janie and Jack, (f) bowtie bodysuit from H&M, (g) blue bow dress from Gymboree
How our members are doing it..

Get the look: diamond sweater vest and pleated red dress from Gymboree

Get the look: boys plaid fedora from Zappos

Get the look: Plaid dress and bow headband from Gymboree
11. Winter Ball 2011
Last, but not least, here are some beautiful special-occasion looks from today. Festive and fun, these styles mark a holiday season to remember.

Above: (a) velvet vest and (b) polka dot sequin dress from the Children’s Place, (c) sweater vest set from Nordstrom, (d) rosalie and (e) blue sequin dresses from Crewcuts, (f) nautica four-piece suit from Lord & Taylor, (g) ombre ruffled tulle dress from the Gap, (h) burberry blazer suit from Saks Fifth Ave
How our members are doing it..

Get the look: black top party dress from H&M, gold party dress from the Gap

Get the look: black sequin dress from the Gap

Get the look: Rose dress from Nordstrom

Get the look: boys pinstripe vest set from Lord & Taylor
Now it’s up to you! Have fun selecting your holiday outfits, and don’t forget you can also select your holiday cards ahead of time by visiting our online greeting card gallery. Happy shopping and we hope to see you soon!