baby photos gallery

Young babies are beginning to show their personality, they love to play with toys and interact with people, they show off their smiles, and they make the greatest expressions. Our photo studio strives to capture the endless cuteness and wonder of your baby.

The focus of your baby photos will be his or her fantastic expressions, beautiful eyes, chubby cheeks, and curious smile. If your baby can sit up on their own, letting them sit with a blanket, a rattle, or a teddy bear can result in some of the most precious photos. Closeups of your baby can show the delicate features of his or her face, button noses, rosy cheeks, long eyelashes, the curves in their cheeks as they smile. Full body photos will reveal how much your baby has grown since they were newborns a few months ago.

A variety of angles will also be used when your baby can’t sit up on their own. With stomach poses, we will bring the camera down to their eye level, allowing them to look directly into the camera so the photos show the brightness of their eyes and expression. We can also play with height, laying your baby on their back and taking photos from above, letting them play with their feet, or look up in wonder.

Children’s photos aren’t quite complete without the parents joining in for a few photos. Our photo studio will capture natural, more delicate poses, simple cheek to cheek poses, or letting your baby hold on to a few of your fingers. The focus can still be on your beautiful baby, but by casually showing your hands or feet in the photo, it will show that you are essential in their lives.

Feel free to bring a few outfits for your children’s photos. You can also be as silly, cute, or playful as your baby’s personality. Bring some snacks and their favorite toy to play with if they need a break from taking photos. We can’t wait to hear from you!