toddlers picture gallery

One, two, or three-year-olds can be the life of the party at a portrait studio. Their personality at full swing, kids’ pictures are fun and energetic. They may be just beginning to walk or their rambunctious little legs can’t wait to move around and switch up the pose. We will have plenty of props for them to play and interact with, but we also want your children to be the focus of the photos. We will let them play and have fun and capture their endless energy.

Birthday photos are a great reason to visit a portrait studio at this stage of your child’s life. Letting your child dig into their first birthday cake with frosting is one of the most popular poses. The curiosity in their faces when they first taste the sweetness of the frosting and then the joy when they realize they can eat to their heart’s content provides an opportunity to take photos that are playful and silly. Two or three-year-old birthdays allow us to see the depth of their personality and you can see how much they have changed since previous birthdays.

Kids pictures are also a great time to begin letting them choose what to wear for their pictures. If they have a favorite t-shirt, color, or pair of shoes, let them run wild and our portrait studio will be there to get the best photos possible. You can also bring a change of clothes for a greater variety of photos. We love to put down a simple background and let your child go barefoot and you can see how much they have grown since their newborn photos.

Don’t miss your children’s photos. Come into our portrait studio and leave with photos that highlight your child’s features, personality, and energy, from quiet and shy to talkative and active.