senior photo gallery

Senior pictures means high school is almost over! Finish the year off strong with graduation photos at our portrait studio that will show your beautiful face and a strong character.

A priority with any portrait studio session is to have a variety of photos to choose from. With senior pictures, it is important to have close ups, three-quarter, and full-length photographs as well as a variety of different angles within each category. A close up picture will highlight the eyes, cheekbones, and smile, but will also show softer expressions by looking away from the camera and with half smiles. Every detail counts when taking close up photographs, including how the hair is laying, the tilt of the head, how your hands are used, and how the lighting shines. Three-quarter and full-length shots are an opportunity to show your true personality, so make yourself at home and we will capture your unique body language.

Senior pictures are a chance to show what hobbies you are into as well. Creating fun graduation photos means being yourself, no matter who that is. Feel free to bring in any items that allow yourself to shine. That can include sports jackets, clothing or equipment, musical instruments, books, a favorite pet, or anything that you helps make you, you.

Not sure what to wear? Bring multiple outfits that you feel comfortable in and that represent your style. To add to the variety of photos, bring an outfit that is more casual and you can really loosen up in and one that is more formal. The important thing is to feel comfortable. This will allow you to feel at ease and will help create more natural photographs. Our portrait studio has multiple backdrops and props that will help create fantastic senior pictures.