professional headshots

When you’re readying yourself for your professional headshots photo shoot, you’ll present yourself with a few questions or concerns. What do I wear? Do I need just one outfit? Will the portrait studio provide any additional accessories? Are there items the photographer would prefer I not wear during the shoot? While some of the most common questions are on our FAQ page, we’d like to provide some practical advice to quell any jitters or concerns that might still persist after reading the aforementioned page.

…but what do i wear?

While we recommend a change of 2-3 outfits, feeling your best is just as important as looking your best. If you have that one outfit that you feel looks best on you, the photographer will capture your natural radiance and confidence. After all, shouldn’t you look your most confident in your professional headshots? If you’re unsure of how an outfit will look or present your facial features, bring it along as an extra (just-in-case) wardrobe change.

preparing for your professional headshots

When you enter our portrait studio, we want you to look and feel your best. If you’re unsure of your wardrobe choices, how your hair or makeup may turn out in the photo, or have any specific concerns for the photographer, we highly recommend you:

  • Contact our portrait studio and photographer well in advance of your scheduled photo shoot to discuss any specific questions or concerns. We love speaking with our clients and bringing them the best portrait studio experience possible.
  • Book your hair appointment four to seven days in advance, so as to avoid any last-minute hair mishaps and to give your hair a few days to recover from that just-cut look. While this is often more applicable to men’s professional headshots, female clients are encouraged to do the same.

Ready to make the commitment? Get in touch with our portrait studio to take the first step in receiving your professional headshots.