pet photo gallery

There are few experiences more precious than the birth or adoption of a child. And for some, that child just might happen to be four-legged, furry, and have a penchant for licking faces. If you have a special pup or cat (or lizard or frog) in your life, consider our portrait studio’s pet photography services. Portrait Simple understands the importance of getting just the right shot of our furry friends inside our photo studio; whether s/he’s making a solo debut, or if you and your pet are looking for some best friend-style animal photos, Portrait Simple provides the talent and tools to capture your and your pet’s unique relationship. If you have any questions about the services our pet photography can provide you and your pet, don’t hesitate to contact us. Want to learn more about getting the best animal photo out of your experience? Read on for some helpful tips for you and your pet.

prep your pet

Anytime you take your companion animal somewhere knew, there’s an initial rush of excitement, curiosity, confusion, or some seemingly unidentifiable emotional cocktail – and our photo studio is well-equipped to capture the best of your pet’s quirky traits. But just in case your animal pal isn’t accustomed to pet photography in a professional photo studio, it’s always a good idea to arrive a little early to give your little buddy some time to adjust to his/her new surroundings. Animal photos should capture what makes your pet so special, and we’re here to provide quality pet photography services.

pets know best

When your pet is relaxed, her/his personality shines the most. They can sense they’re safe and free to be themselves to really play with the camera. Whether Mom and her macaw are looking for some conversation-starting animal photos for the desk at work, or maybe the photoshoot is just part of Dad and Doggo’s Day Out, Portrait Simple will capture the best of your and your pet.